You will need
  • - passport (copies of all pages);
  • - certificate of tax (copy);
  • - marriage certificate or divorce papers (copy);
  • - birth certificates of children (copy);
  • - proof of income and employment;
  • - proof of income for individuals working as private entrepreneurs;
  • - documents for the acquired housing.
The first step is to clarify the legal category of "single mother". Many people mistakenly believe that it can be considered any woman who is raising children without a husband, for example, after a divorce or his death. In fact, lonely is the mother whose child was born out of wedlock, and over it is not established paternity voluntarily or by court order.
A single mother can be married, have a stable high salary or own a profitable business, so it can count on a positive decision of the Bank in which you will apply for a mortgage loan. In this case it is important to choose the most favorable conditions.
In particular, you can use the services of the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML). Standard mortgage program provides loans for up to 30 years with an initial contribution of at least 10% of the value of the apartment, interest rate in the range of 8.9 to 12.7% per annum, the possibility of attracting co-borrowers. In this case the monthly payment should not exceed 45% of the total income of all borrowers involved in the transaction.
In other words, if you are a single mother, but you have a good salary, a husband, parents or other relatives, having a stable income and are ready to help you with the purchase of an apartment, the chances of a mortgage is quite large.
To get credit for this or another program Agency, contact any of the banks and other credit organizations-partners of the seller represented in your area. Their names and contacts can be found on the Agency's website in the section "Where to obtain credit".
In addition, the single mother, the age of 35 years may obtain a mortgage loan under the program "Young family" in the savings Bank of the Russian Federation. It assumes a down payment of 10% of the cost of an apartment or house, the delay in the payment of the principal debt, or extending credit for the birth of children, the interest rate from 9.5% to 13% per annum, the ability to attract co-borrowers.
For consideration of the application and processing the loan, prepare the following documents:- passport (copy of all pages);- certificate of tax (copy);- certificate of marriage or divorce (copy);- birth certificate of the children (copies);- documents confirming the employment and income employed persons: employment history (copy), certificate of income on form 2-NDFL for last 6 months;- proof of income for individuals working as private entrepreneurs: copy of the tax Declaration for the unified tax (for the last 2 calendar years), income Declaration 3-pit, a copy of the certificate of registration of private entrepreneur;- documents for purchased housing (a certificate of registration of property rights, contract of sale, appraisal, technical passport of BTI, a certificate of the appraised value of the dwelling, etc.).
Because the list is standard, when you make a credit application refer to the selected Bank may require additional information about you, your employment and acquire housing.