To obtain a loan for the purchase of their own homes, the customer needs to provide a standard for all banks documents, including the application for obtaining of credit, a photocopy of all pages of passports, labor books, as well as proof of income. Additionally, military service men must present a military ID.
The first thing the Bank pays attention to is the age of the borrower. The client must be at least 21 years, and at the moment of making the last payment on the loan is not more than 60 years. Some banks set the threshold at 65 years. Standard condition is a continuous experience of not less than six months in one place. In addition, the records taken and total work experience. It is desirable that the time interval between the change from one job to another was minimal.
For the amount of credit available is affected by the level of wages. As evidence a document signed by the Director of the company. Mandatory condition for obtaining a mortgage is the payment of the down payment. Its minimum size is set at 10 % and the standard value is 30 %.
The mortgage loans are not only in rubles, but in dollars or euros. Loans in foreign currency are usually 2-3% cheaper, but in this case, there is always the risk of rate changes which can lead to significant losses.
A co-borrower, and sometimes a guarantor loan can be a spouse. Provision of surety - one of the basic conditions of obtaining a mortgage loan.
The client's request for funds may be considered by the Bank within one month. Some banks offer this service as an Express mortgage when the decision is made within a couple of hours. After a positive response, you need to collect the documents necessary for processing the transaction of buying and selling homes. The list of these documents includes the certificate of registration and the absence of any debts on payment of utility bills, passport to the apartment, an extract from the register of rights and a plan for housing.
The next thing you need to do is to evaluate the selected property, after which comes the moment of signing the mortgage loan agreement. In this case into an irrevocable condition is the insurance of the apartment, which until the last payment is a Deposit for the Bank.