You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - the questionnaire of the borrower;
  • - copies of identity documents;
  • - copies of diplomas;
  • - proof of income;
  • - certificates and documents confirming the right to the subsidy.
Requirements for borrowers, and a list of required documents in the framework of the social mortgage will depend on the program. Today in Russia we are implementing state aid projects for the acquisition of housing for young families, teachers, scientists, and military personnel.
Social mortgage for young families available couples who have not reached 35 years. They need to stand in a queue on improvement of living conditions. Under this program, the government may provide a subsidy for the purchase of housing in the amount of up to 35% of its appraised value, and in the presence of children - up to 40%. For assistance, you first need to apply to the district administration by providing a passport; marriage certificate; proof of income and recognition of families in need of better housing conditions; an extract from the house register and a copy of the personal account. Received from the state money can be used as a down payment for a mortgage loan from a Bank. The procedure of lending will be no different from getting a conventional loan.
For soldiers are available the program "mortgage for Military" program, in which they can not pay for the mortgage loan. Every year at the expense of servicemen-participants of the NIS (the savings and mortgage system) receives a certain amount of money ($222 in 2013). After three years of participation in the NIS, they can obtain a certificate which confirms their right to receive trust loan. After selecting the property military personnel can transfer funds from your savings account to the account of the initial payment on the mortgage in the Bank-participant of the program. The Bank offers a standard package of documents, and the certificate of the participant of NIS.
To direct on repayment of the mortgage maternity capital. But it the parent capital should not be used for other purposes. Translations of the parent capital on repayment of a mortgage loan does Pension Fund. It is there to submit a relevant application to which you want to apply the credit agreement and a copy of the certificate.
Also in Russia there are programs that are designed for young professionals who work in the public sector. In particular, for young teachers and scientists. For they have preferential interest rates and special conditions for the accumulation of initial contributions. Young teachers under 35 years of age can obtain a mortgage at 8.5% per annum, and young scientists under 10-10,5%. Teachers can obtain a subsidy of up to 20% of the cost of housing. Young scientists will be allocated housing certificate wounds.