You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the documents confirming incomes of the borrower;
  • - documents confirming the ownership of housing collateral (in a mortgage secured);
  • - documents of the guarantors;
  • - other documents depending on mortgage program (for example, Maternity capital, the certificate of the participant of NIS, etc.).
Initially, you must choose Bank mortgage program that allows you to get a mortgage with no down payment. This can be a mortgage secured by real estate, mortgages without collateral, or specialized program "Maternity capital", "mortgage for Military", "Young scientists", "Young teachers".
A loan without down payment under the existing mortgage is the most common option. It is only suitable for those borrowers who already have owned homes. A standard condition of the Bank is in this case the presence of collateral in the region of location of the creditor.

Today mortgages offer mortgages the following banks:

- "DeltaCredit" (rate - 11.25%; loan amount - up to 85% of collateral);

- "FFT" (rate - 12.25%; loan amount - up to 85% of collateral);

Gazprombank (rate from 12.45%; loan amount - up to 6 000 000.);

- "Petrokommerts" (rate - 12.75%; loan amount - up to 60% of collateral value);

- "Alfa-Bank" (rate - 13%; loan amount - up to 15 million rubles);

- "Moscow credit Bank" (rate - 14.25%; loan amount - up to 80% of collateral value);

- "VTB 24" (the rate - 14.8%; loan amount - up to 70% of collateral value).
Mortgage loans without collateral and real estate is the most disadvantageous from the point of view of interest rates. The ability to get an unsecured loan today provide:

- "Transcapitalbank" (interest rate of 14.25%);

- The Bank (interest rate of 14.5%);

- "Soviet" (the rate from 16.9%);

- Investtorgbank (rate - 17.5%).
If the family has the certificate "Parent capital", she can use it as a down payment on the mortgage. Such programs are offered today: "Sberbank", "VTB 24", "Primsotsbank", AKIBANK, "Education", "GROWTH", etc.
Loans other state programs ("Military mortgage", "Young scientists", "Young teachers") is authorized to give partner banks the state of the seller. Every region has its list of banks. To find a suitable on the Agency's website.