The desire to escape from the usual cycle cases occurs often, but not always possible to come up with something original. In a situation where you have money and time to leave his native town for a weekend, you should not refuse from this kind of travel. It will have a great effect on the tired body, and the work you will come back with new forces.Travel through Russia. To explore the country is never too late. The advantages of such operations: no need for visa, knowledge of foreign languages and radically changing the climate. Discover Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Astrakhan, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok or any other city that has an airport. Visit the CIS countries. There are a number of States from this category, to enter which you will need a passport, ie to spend time on a visa is also not necessary. For example, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. The flight will take only a few hours, but you can clearly feel the border crossing, because you will find a new and exciting world of other peoples.Immerse yourself for a couple of days in Europe. This part of the continent amalgamate a large number of smaller countries, each of which is a special world with unfamiliar traditions and customs. Six countries allow entry without a visa: Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. However, some will require a designed invitation or a voucher of the travel Agency. If you happen to have an open Schengen visa, you available other States of Europe. To tour on weekend days will suit Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, France. We will visit the capital, walk the streets. Visit the nearest town which can be reached by bus or train. It is enough to slightly "try" another country and understand its people. Soak up the sun in Egypt or Turkey. Firms give short tours to those countries. You can fly Friday night and back Sunday night. A change of climate would benefit, for example in spring or autumn. Be sure to check the weather for a given time.