If the vacation lasts a week and you want to have rest for a reasonable price, ideal for Egypt. In winter the temperature is held in the afternoon at around 25 ° C, the water is warm, the sun indefinitely. Besides, a good package can be found for $ 250. This option is also suitable for people who can not tolerate heat, but want the sun. Holiday in Egypt good no need to do a visa (in the passport is a visa on arrival, it costs 15 dollars), and established the tourist service, not too long flight and the abundance of attractions.
Hungry for more exotic, but still time-limited, in winter you can offer UAE as a holiday destination, the flight there is short relative to Thailand or Cuba. This is a great place for recreation and shopping. In winter the temperature in the UAE is kept at 24-29оС, the sea is warm. Of course, it is not as a budget holiday as Egypt.

On a week-long stay in the Emirate is to defer not less than $ 700 per person. However, keep in mind that in this country Smoking is prohibited in public places and to consume alcohol beyond the borders of your room. A UAE visa is doing in the Consulate for four days, but unmarried women and women with a surname different from the surnames of husband, entry may be denied.
Those who have the time and can recommend Goa. In winter the temperature there does not drop below 28 ° C, the sea is very warm. It's quite a budget option. Tours in Goa starts with $ 500. Goa is a great place to stay. Fresh fruit, warm sea, slow Internet and lack of large cities contributes to this. Many people who visited Goa after some time returned there to live.
If you are looking for colorful beaches, beautiful nightlife and Western comforts - we fly to Thailand. The Kingdom of smiles friendly to tourists, moreover, there you can spend time in dozens of ways. Beach lovers will appreciate the Thai seaside resorts, fans of big cities can explore incredible Bangkok.

Seeking spiritual enlightenment can go to the North of the country, to see the hundreds of Buddhist temples. If you wish to spend a few weeks at one of them as guest, novice, usually in small villages in Northern Thailand. In winter the temperature does not drop below 28 ° C, the sea is warm. Prices, especially in the Northern part of the country, lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. That is why many Russians are leaving the country for wintering away from the cold and snow.