First and foremost, pay attention to cost-effective holiday during the week out of town. For example, in the country of his or friends or in rented suburban house. During this holiday you can walk through the woods with the whole family, swim in the lake, climb with friends in the nearby mountains, go fishing at the river.
Many travel agencies offer travelers cruise weekly tours of the Golden ring of ancient Russian cities. If you do not like the water method of travel, you can explore the different towns and cities, moving to his car and stopping in one of them at the hotel.
For those who love beach holidays, there are weekly tours that can be arranged through a travel Agency, for example, on the black sea coast. Remove country house by the sea, seaside apartment or a hotel room for seven days. Do not spend time only on the beach, because the Black sea is the number of cities and settlements, which has plenty of attractions and amazing places.
Lovers of winter sports can in the period October to April for a week to visit ski resorts in Austria, France, Switzerland. Less expensive week's holiday in Greece, Italy. Women, fashion, it will be interesting to fly on a plane for seven days in Milan, Paris, Venice or Prague, where during sales to buy fashionable clothes at low prices.
Beach fans should for a week to take a tour to Thailand, Cuba, Brazil, Jordan, UAE, Turkey, the countries of the Mediterranean sea. And fans of exotic have a nice week-long vacation in Japan or China.
Ask the tour operator, might in the days when you have some free time, somewhere in the world hosts interesting festivals, carnivals, holidays. You need to go to such events to gain experience and to touch a foreign culture.