For reliable reception of a television signal amplifier must assume the installation at a distance, as close as possible to the receiving antenna. This power must be supplied via a coaxial feeder cable through the appropriate junction.
Make sure the antenna amplifier has the ability to connect the adapter (power pack) power up to 10 watts. This is especially important when connecting the amplifier to the television receivers imported.
Note the gain of the device. With an average cable length of 25 m, taking into account possible losses and signal attenuation should select a device with gain of 25-35 dB. If the gain is too large, and the antenna is poorly aligned with the cable, on the screen of the receiver will be just a blur.
Find out what the noise antenna amplifier. This feature needs to be significantly below the noise of a television receiver.
To receive broadcasting in the meter range select the antenna amplifier of the type UCDI-1, designed for 12 channels. It has built-in power supply for 220 V. the gain of the signal device is at least 12 dB.
When using receivers that provide broadcasting in the UHF band, use special amplifier UHF. You need to install it directly on the mast of the TV antenna. Having a gain of 14 dB, this device can surely amplify the signals of 20-40 channels.
One of the parameters relevant for signal amplification, is the diameter of the cable insulation. If the length of the feeder reduce the substantial use when connecting the booster cable with the largest diameter of the insulation. Antenna amplifier allows you to use feeders great length that in the absence of the amplifier would lead to a weakening of the signal to the level necessary to make a high-quality signal.