Advance purchase false eyelashes at any store perfume or in beauty salon. Buy these bundles of lashes that are right for you. Select the length that you would like to have - short, medium and long. Immediately get a special gel that you wish to fix false eyelashes.
If you bought the bundles the same length, then after building give them the desired shape using ordinary scissors.
Since you are using a special gel based on natural resins, it will allow you to not worry about allergic reactions. Such gels securely fix eyelashes and remain absolutely invisible on your eyelids.
With this eyelash bundles attach to eyelids close to your lashes. Before the wash, carefully remove all traces of cosmetics and degrease the eyelids with special tools.
Place bundles in a strict sequence. Start with the short (from the corner of the nose), then use medium and long eyelashes. It is best to use tweezers for eyebrows, then you can easily grab the beam, to gently touch them with gel and effortlessly fix it on their century. Take your time, as this business does not require haste to lashes looked very nice, smooth and natural.
Extended in this way the eyelashes are not afraid of changes in temperature, water and direct sunlight. But we should not continue to apply forever fat cream, as they are able to destroy the gel, which glue your bundles.
To remove the lashes you can your own at home using regular olive oil, or use the help in the cabin.
In order of lashes will last you as long as possible, should not visit the sauna and it is recommended to sleep only on your back.