The procedure of eyelash extensions has several names: Japanese technology, Indonesian, Hollywood, mink, French. At the heart of each of them is one and the same process and using the same tools. The difference is that we are increasing our lashes can be natural or artificial, are collected in small puchochki or be single hairs, hairs, silk, or silicone products. Therefore, key technologies are only two: SR and lash-by-lash extensions.
For home extensions, first you need to choose a set of cilia. To be fully confident in their quality, better to buy the set directly from the beauty salon or specialty store. You will need to buy the rubber glue that comes in two types: black and colorless. It is better to take hypoallergenic, as it is suitable for any skin type.
Tools for eyelash can be bought in set or separately. Full kit includes: lashes, glue, silicone pads, is designed to separate the upper lashes from the bottom, the tweezers which hold hairs and is increasing, degreasing agent century. If each of these kit components be purchased separately, expect to pay a bit more.
The main tool – tweezers. They need just two: straight and curved tips. Choose each one for themselves, that is, pre-to take in hand several times to connect the ends. Good tweezers always springy with a slight reverse move. The metal of which it is made, must not be soft, like aluminum. But too elastic tool is uncomfortable to use.
The optimal choice – the tweezers, which is located in the hand, non-slip, not anchored small specks. When you select this tool, particular attention should be paid to how tightly connected its ends. No matter they are straight or curved, the distance between them should not be. Also be inspected tweezers to determine the presence of defects: chips, nicks and cracks.
Since the tool with the curved tip can be different: wide, narrow, with different angle of curvature, while selecting need to work them like they need to get hold of the eyelash. Tweezers with very sharp tips it is recommended to buy only to professionals. Novice wizard can injure your eyelid. So comfortable and the correct tool is the key to successful work.