Today, many beauty salons promise to clients getting rid of the need for tedious daily makeup application, offering permanent makeup and eyelash extensions. Poresnichnoe eliminates the need for a long time to use the ink and it allows you to be a bearer of pronounced eyes, which are surrounded by long fluffy eyelashes. That only raises the question of how harmful buildup.

The procedure

Against the building act sometimes and ophthalmologists, and dermatologists, claiming that under the graft of their natural fibers become brittle, and after removing the graft bundles they simply can start to fall out. To understand that, is it harmful eyelash extensions, you need to know the technology of this procedure.

There are beam and presnetly methods of building. First, the master removes makeup from the eyes, and then degreases the lashes with a special solution, and for ever puts pads with hydrogel, so the glue did not get on the skin. When parisnice method to each artificial hair is attached that increases its length and volume. The procedures should not be harmful to the eyes and should not cause any problems, if you got an experienced master.

Usually eyelashes after eyelash extensions keep two to three weeks, after that they require correction. During the first two hours, the hair cannot be wet, and also subjected to mechanical stress. For washing you can't use the milk with a content of cosmetic oil during the whole period of wearing. At the same time, it is not recommended to visit the sauna or sunbathe on the beach. Compliance with all recommendations may save you from unnecessary consequences.

How to save your lashes

This salon services like eyelash extensions, they can istanti. There are a number of contraindications, which resort to this procedure undesirable. These include allergic reactions, greasy skin, wearing contact lenses and conjunctivitis. Some eye problems can trigger individual components of compounds that are used in building.

The eyelash glue may contain resin, but subject to technology capacity, if the substance does not fall on the mucous membrane, it is possible to avoid allergies. Using the fine hairs of a very small length, it is possible to avoid loads on your lashes, so they subsequently started to fall out. But dry skin can be avoided by using creams around the eyes water based.