Preparing to build

You first need to purchase the lashes themselves – a bundle or individual bundles of synthetic or natural material. Natural faux lashes are the ideal option because they do not cause allergies and look more natural. Also for eyelash extensions will need a special glue, which can be either completely transparent or black, which gives lashes extra volume.
Purchase all components for this procedure in specialized stores, because of poor quality products may harm the eyes.

In addition to the adhesive and artificial eyelashes, you also need to prepare the tool for removing makeup handy tweezer and release the wand. The medium should not be prepared with oil-based, as it dissolves the glue. This means you must wipe the eyelids and eyelashes, to degrease the skin and to prepare it for eyelash.

Process: how to build lashes as master

A small amount of artificial eyelashes need to pour on the white paper and pour a small amount of glue on the cardboard. One eyelash is carefully taken with tweezers, smeared with glue at the entire length to the very tip and gently stick between your natural lashes that you have to share. To achieve a natural look faux eyelashes to paste using one, but the super-the volume will require capacity with large and frequent beams or gluing of cilia.
After the eyelash, they will have to adjust every two weeks to restore thickness and neat appearance.

After completion of the procedure, the lashes should not be touched and to wash for several hours. Care for them is quite simple – the main condition lies in the fact that as little as possible to touch them with my hands. Wash away the makeup you only need a means that does not contain various oils, and the ink is possible, it is better to avoid so as not to damage the lash movements of the brush and the composition of the carcass.

Extended beauty will last about two to three weeks, with timely correction. After that, the lashes can be removed using regular vegetable oil – enough to grease them and lashes and hold it for a few hours. Then the artificial beams carefully removed with a cotton swab, and the eyelids are lubricated with a hypoallergenic cream to soothe the skin after the glue.