Extensions mink lashes

Under the mink eyelash extensions means lengthening your own with parisnicole attachment synthetic. Used material – monofilament. Synthetic eyelashes are attached to the family with a special adhesive. The risk of Allergy is virtually absent, but the individual intolerance of the resin.

For the implementation of the mink building needs a strong and healthy family eyelashes. This is due to the fact that it uses a fairly heavy-duty synthetic fiber of large diameter.

Externally mink eyelashes are not much different from the real thing. They are long, thick and have a rich dark color, creating the effect that you just made up.

Mink eyelash extensions takes about 2-2,5 h In contrast to silk, they can be wet with water and even visit with them in the sauna. Such increase is undesirable in low native eyelashes, as they can start to fall out.

Eyelashes extension

Eyelash extensions "silk" is lengthening your own lashes with the artificial attachment to them. Used when this is not the thread of the silkworm, and as in the case with mink extensions, synthetic material.

Silk lashes are perfect for everyday wear as the look is quite natural. In order to make my lashes thicker, it is possible to increase the short "silk". On special occasions (photo shoot, wedding, etc.) can increase the length of 1.5 cm, however this beauty will not last long.

The technology building silk lashes mink similar technology capacity, i.e. in both cases there is attachment to each natural eyelash artificial. Accreted material falls along with the natural eyelashes, so occasionally required a correction procedure or complete removal of the surface effect. The correction is a new gluing artificial eyelashes instead of dropped.

One of the advantages of silk lashes is the ability to choose the color. In addition to the classic black hue, can be increased and violet, blue-black, dark brown eyelashes.

Process silk lashes takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it. This creates a natural dramatic look with a deep look. Silk lashes are very light, so it is almost not felt when worn.