In order to independently build lashes, purchase a set of individual eye-lashes and a special glue for consolidation. To paste on the lashes false beams is not as difficult as to build lashes in one thread, and you may well cope with it at home.
To start degrease and clean the skin at the lash line – just wipe it with tonic suitable to the skin in the eye area. Take a thin pair of tweezers and remove from packing of the first beam eyelashes.
Prepare in advance a piece of wood or foam, and apply a drop of glue. Until the glue had time to dry, dip in a drop of a bundle of lashes on the underside and then gently stick on the skin between your natural lashes, starting from the outer corner of the eye.
Secure the beam by pressing slightly on its base glued to the skin with the tip of tweezers. After two or three minutes, remove from the packaging a second beam, apply to the tree even one drop of glue, and repeat these steps, gluing the beam in the gap between the eyelashes next to the previous one.
The entire length of the upper eyelid, you will need about 25 bundles on a separate outer corner of the eye will require no more than 5 bundles.
Gluing false eyelashes, follow the rules of caring for them – sleep on the back, as otherwise the eyelashes can be deformed on the pillow. Be especially careful during washing – do not allow water and detergents to false eyelashes, wash them and wipe.
If you care for your lashes correctly, the false beams can stay on your eyelids for up to two weeks. From time to time the bundles may come off and fall, and in this case they need to be replaced. To do this, always carry a package with lashes, glue and tweezers.
To remove the overhead beams even easier than stick them – enough to wipe the base of the eyelashes with a cotton swab dampened with mild liquid varnish remover that does not contain acetone.