First of all, try to behave discreetly. Don't try to impress the bosses with his erudition. Your first task is to look closely and understand all the quirks and habits of the chief, to draw conclusions about his character.
Try not to succumb to the temptation to discuss the new chief with colleagues. You have nothing to say, and do not need, I can only listen from the outside and draw the appropriate conclusions. Otherwise there is a risk to remain without work.
Do not argue with the boss directly. Even when he's wrong, wrong, you still remember who is the boss. If there's no choice and need to Express their opinions, start a conversation follows with the phrase, "what if...", "maybe it would be better...". This applies to all issues – from current production issues to organizing a corporate party.
If the head has detected an error in your work and brought you all your anger, do not try to flare up in response. Listen to everything you intended, and then calmly Express your point of view.
It may happen that the boss will be a tyrant and will harass you with NIT-picking, will have to invent a way of surviving. The main thing – to keep cool. Show your boss that you are willing to cooperate. Turn to him for advice on home think carefully about the discussion questions. This step will help to disarm even the most picky person.
Faithfully perform your duties and learn to say a firm "no" if the boss asks you to do something beyond their limits. Definitely need to learn to fend for themselves. Look around: it's quite possible that there is a colleague who will share their experience. Because the essence of a chef change will not work unless you can find the right strategy to get on.
Even in the case where the commander was a liberal that goes to work in clothes of sports style, offers to call you by your name, you still need to keep your distance. This behavior is not a reason to slam the chief on the shoulder and behave with him familiarly.
Work with the head easier when he's a professional, but not specialist, most likely, will try to pass on to their subordinates all obligations and demand the maximum. If you have enough exposure you will be able to work well together. If you find a common language does not work, you will have to find a new job. Remember that life is too short to spend it in a continuous hassle.