Professionalism - that's the main quality that should have a head. He needs to understand his area better subordinates, give advice or suggest who to contact in a particular case. A leader who ill-versed in the work of his unit may not command respect from the team.
To earn credibility among lower-level employees, the chief needs to be decisive. Confidence, ability to make decisions makes it stand out among colleagues. The employee who hesitates and changes his mind, can not become a good leader.
If you want to become the chief, get ready to take on more responsibility. People who can't in a difficult situation to take the blame, be responsible for their employees, do not deserve to qualify for the next boss. The chief is responsible not only for work but also for the discipline in the team, as well as for compliance with the rules of the workplace.
Wisdom - this is the quality use a good boss. He was called a tyrant, its decision must be logical. From the head waiting for the manifestations of foresight, intelligence and ingenuity. Rich professional and life experience will come in handy.
A good leader definitely needs to be sociable. He was responsible for the atmosphere in the team. If the boss won't be able to find an approach to each employee, on workplace order and coherence. In addition, the chief often has to make some business issues up for discussion outside of the Department. Their coordination with senior management or related entities requires the ability to persuade, to make contact, to argue their own point of view.
The perfect boss should be objective. His justice is manifested in the fact that the contribution of each employee to the common cause was evident and appreciated. Moreover, this quality helps to resolve conflicts and disagreements in the team.
A real leader knows how to insist on and stand firm. Otherwise subordinates will twist from it cords. Sometimes the boss has to force your employees to do what they want. The chief, who can't do, will be to perform another's duties himself.
The head must be hardworking and energetic. He should set an example for the team and infect colleagues with their own drive. When the boss is sluggish and inert, such will be his employees.