You will need
  • - hair dye;
  • shampoo;
  • balm;
  • cream for hair care;
  • - wash hair.
If you finally decided to dye my hair from brown-haired women to blonde, start gradually streaked hair, contact the salon for a professional technician. You will select the program to safely lighten hair with certain interruptions, to the structure of the curls have time to recover.
Simultaneously lightening a few shades face the fact that your hair will get too dry, burned, will weaken and will look lifeless, like straw. It is unlikely you will be satisfied.
First you clarified no more than 50% of the strands 2-3 shades. After 1.5-2 months bleaching can be repeated. The remaining number of strands to be bleached 3 tone, original hair become lighter in 6 colours.
During a break between coloring hair care needs to be much more intense. Use a neutral shampoo, conditioner, mask, indelible light cream, which is applied after washing to damp hair and protects its structure from the negative effects of the external environment, but also nourishes, which is especially important after staining.
By this method within a few months, your hair color will change dramatically and you will become a dazzling blonde, and dreamed.
For self-clarification of the use of hair dyes of known manufacturers. Read the instructions on the packaging strictly follow. Not peredergivaete the paint on the hair, it will not speed up the result of the lightening, but only damage the curls.
The first time you become a dazzling blonde, as if you wanted to. Take a break not less than one month, re-staining.
If brown is not your natural hair color, and the result of dyeing, bleaching before you use the remover, which is carried out in all salons. If you do not, the result of clarification might disappoint you. Hair color may be bright yellow with an orange tint.