For correspondence prepare a special form or template. Is said to know the German people, in the letter you can culturally insulting to make a complaint, but the greeting and farewell will be official. You will also need access to the Internet and registered mail-box.
In the line "Subject line" write Betr. It is short for the German word "Betreff" - "about". Then put a colon and in a few words define the topic of the message. It looks like this:Betr: Bewerbung als Ingenieur
The body of the letter, if official, should be "hat". It is located on the left side of the virtual sheet. Here, specify the name and address of the recipient. Hereinafter, the data of the sender. For example: Mark MustermannGoethestr. 540593 Geilenkirchen Firma WolfKoelnerstr. 11 40593 Düsseldorf
Below and to the right date.
Then follows an appeal to the addressee. If two or more recipients, write "Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren". If one is "Sehr geehrter Herr" or "Sehr geehrte Frau". In a letter to a buddy or friend is allowed to call him "Dear" - "Lieber". The person at the helm needs more respect. Be sure to mention his job title is "Sehr geehrter Herr Direktor".
After treatment, topped with a comma, in small letters go to the heart of the matter.
Finish e-mail so-called as a compliment or request. Usually used in the phrase "Mit freundlichen Grüssen". Loved ones can write "Bis bald" or "Schöne Grüsse". According to etiquette, is a compliment to the left side of the page.
Click "Send". E-mail flew to Germany.
If you write a letter in German, but with Russian keyboard and Russian "Windows", the recipient may have problems with reading. Specific signs - like the es-tset and umlauts can be transformed into gibberish. So postrequires and duplicate a letter in Russian.