You will need
  • The form of the invoice.
Only use legally prescribed form account facory. Fill out the top of the invoice. Here you can specify all the necessary information about the customer and the contractor: - the number of the invoice and the date it was issued,- the name of the seller information on the consignor, the consignee information - the number and date of all payment orders - information about the buyer.
Please note that when completing the invoice for the service there are a number of features. The date of the invoice shall be no later than five days from the moment of provision of the service. Information about the consignor and the consignee in the third and the fourth row is usually absent. Put dashes. The fifth row is filled only if payment for the service was provided in several stages. Information about the artist is always filled without the use of abbreviations.
Fill in the table part of the invoice. Here you can specify all information about a specified service. In the first column specify the name of the service provided. For businesses that provide services - the second, third, fourth, sixth and seventh columns are usually not filled. In their place are blanks. In the fifth column specify the value of services rendered. In the eighth column indicate the amount of VAT applicable to the buyer. It is determined on the basis of applicable tax rates. If the service paid for parts, then VAT is determined in accordance with clause 4, article 164 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation. In the ninth column indicates the cost of providing services with the VAT.In the tenth and eleventh column also put a dash.