Learn died if any relatives or friends who might leave you an inheritance. In the Russian practice of notaries, the recipient of the money or property is not informed about it, so that information you can get only yourself, for example, through a personal connection with the person, and if not, then through his friends or neighbors.
Not more than six months after the death of the testator the potential contact to the notary, who must deal with the discovery of hereditary cases. For this notary connected with a specific district or town. To know his address and phone number through public institutions, regulating the activities of notaries. For example, in Moscow, is engaged in the Moscow city chamber of notaries.
During the visit to the notary bring with you the passport and documents showing your relationship with the deceased. If blood and marital ties between you no, information will be provided only in the case if you are named in the will. Specify whether previously open probate case. If not, you will need to obtain and provide the lawyer the death certificate of the testator to open it.
Will receive from the notary a list of additional documents if they are needed. After the completion of the necessary paperwork within six months after death you will be able to obtain the certificate of right to inheritance.