If the room the family lives – parents or a single parent with a child, consider how you can place in the children's room area, dining room, living room and adult bedrooms. Don't forget to also necessary in this case, the entrance area, which is fenced off the rest of the room.
Consider yourself lucky if your room has a sink with water. Usually it is located in the corner. Make this place the kitchen, place the sink, dresser and stove. Above them hang the cupboards and minimum number of products. Put the fridge.
In the case where the area of the room is big enough and have the opportunity to do this, place next to the sink sanitary compartment, enclosing it with a wall of glass blocks. Door to it, however, as all domestic, make a sliding. Inside it is possible to place a tray with a drain and shower curtain.
High ceilings – again, good luck. Order or buy duplex bed. Under it place the office chair, Desk and computer or a child's bed with a Desk. Use pass-through shelves as partitions, so that the daylight penetrated through them. With high ceilings, you can make a system of catwalks.
To isolate functional areas or screens is possible, but if you have small children, you better use the plasterboard partitions. They can also be done with through holes, which will play the role of Windows and at the same time shelves.
Take away some ideas on the Internet – if you look good, then there are quite a lot of material that can be adapted to the layout and dimensions of your room. View furniture catalogs from them it is possible to make functional and cheap furniture to order.
Search the Internet and install a small free and simple program with which plan how you will put the furniture. In a pinch, use an old antiquated method – a sheet of paper in the box. Apply the size to scale the perimeter of your room, mark the door and window. Cut in accordance with the actual size in the vertical projection of the furniture that will stand in the room and go for it.