You will need
  • - comfortable multi-functional furniture.
You will have to divide the area of a room in residential areas to make optimal use of every square inch. Evaluate your capabilities, will you be able to make alterations. Combine living room and the kitchen to get a spacious room.
To divide the space into residential areas, do not use solid walls and partitions. You can take a sliding panel screens or vertical blinds, which are formed. The area of your room so not crushed and remains large.
If you can't combine the kitchen and the bathroom, increase area due to the loggia. Insulate the outside wall. Attach the mineral wool and sew it with sheetrock. The ceiling of the loggia can just whitewash or make a pendant, and half to lay out ceramic tile or laminate.
To separate residential areas use furniture: shelves, corner sofas, dressers, chairs, beds. All your furniture needs to be functional or multifunctional. Simply choose a model with a minimum of decorative details that only take up precious centimeters of space.
A Breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the living room and can serve as a table for Breakfast. If very little space, do not buy chairs, corner sofa would be sufficient. At night he will serve you a bed, and a day resting place in front of the TV.
For the reception use a folding table that can serve as a repository of various objects in the folded state. Openwork racks on wheels will allow you to transform the space of the room.
If in one room you need to place children, use the double-sided rack with a dividing wall in the middle. On one side will be baby items and other books and Souvenirs that adorn the living room. "Children's" half shelves vackraste in bright, juicy colors, spread a bright rug before the crib.
The curtains on the Windows, choose light bright, you can use blinds. If the house is brick, use the window sill as an extra shelf, or just extending it as a Desk.