You will need
  • -modern smartphone;
  • -Internet
How to see MMS, if the mobile phone does not support this function:If the phone does not support MMS, you will receive a TEXT message that will written content multemediynyh message, its size, and the link to the resource where it is stored the message.
After that use a WAP browser and view a MMSmessage on the link.
To view messages can use the computer.
How to view MMSmessage on mobile phone that supports MMS:Set the phone to MMS.To obtain the necessary settings, contact your operator of cellular communication and order settings.Now, configure the MMC: menu – messages - MMS – message settings – profile – edit (change) the profile.Then enter the appropriate settings profile: GPRS (name of operator) GPRS, for example, for MTS profile will look like this: MTC -> MTS GPRS.All can now enjoy MMS, send to your friends any messages, and view received on your phone message. This setting, as the tincture of SMS messages, you need to make once.