Be honest. In any case, no need to apologize if you do not realize fully his guilt. If you do not believe in your apology, as they believe a man? Be honest with yourself and with your partner: don't lie. Let the person know that you are all aware of and what do you regret about what happened.
Select the appropriate time. No need to apologize immediately, when the man to be mad at you, and the first strong emotions have not yet passed. Give him time to cool down. For some, it takes a couple of hours, and someone takes a couple of days. If you have time to get to know the person, you will feel when the first bursts of resentment pass. But don't delay the apology. If you miss the right moment, your conversation may come to nothing lead.
Apologize in a good environment. If possible, plan the details of the apology. It is best to apologize alone with the man, so none of the outsiders could not interfere. If you want to publicly apologize, it is not necessary to do this before will not be accepted the personal apology.
Pay attention to the eyes. He first of all say to you. Look the person straight in the eye. This would indicate your sincerity. Keep the eyes men, keep your eyes.
To cry or not? Many women turn tears to your strongest argument. Is it right? It all depends on you: if you can't help yourself, then cry but do not squeeze tears specifically. Most men are afraid of women's tears and will do anything not to see them. It is worth to use it or not is up to you.
In the apology call a man named. Psychologists long ago figured out: there is nothing that focuses people's attention, as the sound of his name.
Be able to stop. You need to clearly know what lines he should not cross. When you say, for what ask for forgiveness, why you did it, and asked whether the person to forgive you, stop talking. Let a man think, don't lie to him with her rambling excuses.