Don't become obsessive and boring. Don't call and don't write in the first minute of the fight. Don't make things worse. It will not lead to success. If the guy himself has already decided, a large number of arguments or people, to convince him, just a mess. The guy will start internally to doubt and even abandon the original decision. Extend your "silence" two or three weeks. This is necessary in order that all calmed down, and both of you did not experience the nervousness about the fight. The less you touch the partner, the more likely your novel and related negative feelings would be his last.
Don't waste unnecessary words and do not invent sob stories. In SMS you should not write a whole memoir, and swear to love. And anyway - stop trying to convince the guy that you are not guilty, otherwise he will think your a serious fault. Understand that it, likely, already he came to understand that the argument is insignificant and should reconcile.
In SMS we need to clearly formulate their attitude to the existing problem. No reproaches and complaints. Tell us about your pain and suffering. Explain that you regret the pain it caused. Do not take keenly his reaction to such an act. If he is not a torturer by nature, it should be. Understand that if he really wants to restore the relationship, then no action will help. And if you want – he will take the initiative and call you.
Control your emotions. Not in SMS speak harshly, do not hurt the guy. Try to look at the situation through the eyes of your beloved. In any case, do not write an ironic and negative words. They must be chosen carefully, otherwise do not wait any forgiveness.Do not try to write down what he needs to change the character. It is useful to change who you are. He will just to admire how well you understand it. As a result, you make up.