If you bought a scanner with the standard equipment in the store, the box should be an optical disc with all necessary software - firmware. Install it in the card reader of your computer and wait until on the screen the dialog box with the request, whether to allow the program startup. To this question answer Yes and the screen will display the disc menu depending on the device model the number of items and their wording will vary.
Select driver installation. The scanner must be disconnected from the computer. If not, you will get a prompt from the program installation follow her request and follow the further instructions of the installation wizard. At the end of the process will be installed not only the driver but also some additional programs, access to which can be accessed through the shortcuts on the desktop or from the HP folder under "All programs" on the main menu OS.
If the optical disk with the software for some reason or not available, it is easiest to download the required files through the Internet. Online you can find the essential programs on different web resources, but it is better to use the official site Hewlett-Packard is, in large measure, a guarantee for the appearance in the computer viruses and other malicious programs. Direct link to the page "Driver free" HP server given below - download it in the browser and on the opened page, enter the device name in the box under "Enter product name or number".
If after clicking "Start search" you will get a list of links, click the highlighted words "search on the HP website" in the penultimate line. The results in this case will be presented in the English language - choose among them the one which ends with software/driver. The information page needs a button that says "Download" is placed in the first line – download and run the installation wizard.