You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
If you have a graphics editor image, such as jpg, then edit it as the only layer will not be able - Photoshop blocks this layer. He gets the name "Background" and a small icon of a padlock on the right side of the row in the layers panel, indicating the lock. To make available to edit this layer, it is necessary to deprive him of the status of background layer. To do this, click the line, right-click and from the context menu, choose "Of background". On the screen a dialog box appears in which you need to specify a new name, a color coded transparency, and blend mode. However, all this can be left with the default values and click OK. The new settings will be applied to the former background layer, and you will be able to edit it.
The layer could be locked not a graphical editor, and the previous user of this psd file. This is done by clicking on the icon "Save all" in the layers panel - it is placed above the topmost layer, last in the row of icons labelled "Fix". Disabling the lock is exactly the same - highlight protected layer and click this icon. Unlike the previous step, then the actions will not appear any dialog, Photoshop without additional questions will remove the prohibition of editing and it will remove the symbol is a lock icon on the right side of the line layer.
Sometimes it makes more sense to duplicate the locked layer, but not to change its status. In this case you will retain the original layer intact and if the edit fails, you can create one more duplicate of the original to try another editing option. Make a copy of the blocked layer very simply, just select it and press Ctrl + J. After this, turn off the visibility of layers-the original.