You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop on your computer
  • file in psd format of several layers
Take, for example, a file that contains three layers: abstract background (Background) layer with the figure of a black cat (Layer 1) and layer 2, which is a red fish. For example, you need to delete the layer with the fish.To work with layers, you will need a palette Layers (Layers). This can be done via the menu "Window" (the Window). Locate the item "Layers" (Layers), and mark it with a tick. Or just press "F7".
How to clean <strong>layer</strong> <b>photoshop</b>
In the palette you will see thumbnail images of layers and their names. We are interested in, locate the layer with the fish and click on it with the left mouse button once. The layer will be highlighted.
How to clean <strong>layer</strong> <b>photoshop</b>
In the lower right corner of the palette, locate the image of a trash can. Click on it with the left mouse button. Or use the menu "Layer", by selecting "Remove".
How to clean <strong>layer</strong> <b>photoshop</b>
You will see a dialog box with the question: "Delete layer 2?" If this is indeed the layerthat you want to delete, click the button with the word "Yes".
How to clean <strong>layer</strong> <b>photoshop</b>
You will find that the figure disappeared figurine red fish, and in the layer palette – the Layer 2.
How to clean <strong>layer</strong> <b>photoshop</b>
Save the modified file by choosing "File" (File), "Save"). If you want to save the changed figure in a separate file, select "Save as" (Save as) and give the file a new name.