You will need
  • Computer, Adobe Photoshop.
For the background image in photoshop responds to such an element as its first layer. By default, the program offers the user three options of background: white, transparent and gray color. These parameters can be set on the stage of creating a new project using the appropriate functions of the application ("File","Create"). How to change color background when you already open PSD document? Here everything is quite simple.
First you need to find the layer that was the main background of your image. This layer is usually located at the bottom of the form that displays the total number of layers. If the background is locked (lock icon is opposite of the background layer), you need to unlock it for making changes.
To unlock a layer, click it with the right mouse button. A menu will appear in which you can find From the back of the plan." Click on this item. Now the layer will be unlocked and become available for further adjustment.
If you need a transparent background you can use a tool such as "eraser". Once selected, install the large diameter of the cursor and erase all the contents of the layer (make sure it selected the background layer). If you wish to change the color, select the fill tool. Define the desired colorusing the appropriate features of the program. After the racesthe color of theCA is selected, perform the shading of the background layer. To cancel the action (in the case of an error, hit "Ctrl+Z".
An alternative filling could be the brush tool. After selecting the tool, set the desired color and the diameter of the brush, and then paint the old background.