First decide how you are going to feed your pet. Valid diet neutered cat of either dry food and wet canned food (preferably the same manufacturer) or from natural food and wet canned food, or only from the natural food. Mix the dry commercial feed and natural products is not worth it.
If you give the cat a commercial feed, buy only premium food. Cheap food is harmful not only neutered cats, and their unneutered counterparts. Can buy any premium food. But in order to prevent kidney stones better, purchase special food for neutered cats.
When feeding a neutered cat dry food be sure to pour the animal a lot of water. If you notice that a neutered male a little drink, razmeshivaya dry food or put the cat on a natural food and wet canned food.
Diet neutered cat, based on natural products must include meat (chicken, beef), offal (beef lungs and heart, chicken gizzards and liver), cereals (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal), vegetables (carrots, beets, sprouts) and dairy products (cheese, yogurt). Fish neutered cat to feed not very desirable. It contains many mineral substances, which lead to the formation of kidney stones.
After castration, many cats interest in cats is replaced by an excessive interest in food. That the animal does not overeaten, try to organize smaller meals neutered cat – feed him often, but gradually. If the cat is still recovering, buy special low calorie food.
In addition to urolithiasis and obesity in neutered cats often develop diseases of the teeth and gums. To improve the condition of the oral cavity regularly give your cat raw meat, cut into large chunks. Can also buy in the pet shop special cat treats for cleaning teeth.