The peculiarities of nutrition neutered cats

The operated cats stop having interest in the opposite sex, instead of yelling and generally do not feel the desire to mark territory. But to compensate, they often begin to experience increased interest in the bowl with the food, requiring supplements. This explains the propensity of alters of obesity -- and after him, and passivity and inactivity.

Therefore, one of the main tasks of the owners of the cat after castration to ensure that the animal does not overeaten. Of course, very difficult to resist the poor, eternally hungry cat who looks into the eyes and touching begging for food – but if you indulge cat's increased appetite in the first weeks after surgery, then inevitably have to put the animal on a strict diet. It is therefore important, since operations do not overfeed the animal and to control its weight. If the cat starts getting fat – or will have to reduce his portions or switch to a less caloric food.

In addition, cats after castration fall into the "risk group" – in obese animals have a tendency to kidney stones, and any diseases of the urinary system in cats. can cause obstruction Urartu. Therefore the second important task when feeding neutered cats – prevention of such diseases. In the diet of such animals should be food with low content of such minerals as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus (they contribute to the formation of stones). In addition, the cat should always drink enough water. This is especially true for those animals that are fed dry food fluid volume must exceed the volume of food at least three times. If the cat does not want to drink – better to abandon the dry food.

КАк и чем кормить кота после кастрации

Because neutered cats are particularly sensitive to the diet, you must strictly adhere to the selected type of food: fodder or animal feeds industrial production (dry food or canned food) or natural food. Natural diet you can vary the canned food, but combine this diet with the "drying" is not recommended.

To feed neutered cats are better on the principle of "little but often" – small portions, but several times a day. If you have a weight problem, one day a week to do fasting. Cats are predators, and short-term hunger does not harm their health.

The power cat after castration industry feed

Food for neutered cats do not want to use the feed for General purpose – better to buy a special complete feed premium or super premium class with a reduced calorie. In the lines of feed producers (such as Purina, Iams, Royal Canin, Hill's, etc.) presents diets for neutered animals. Some manufacturers produce feed for kittens based on their age – for example, food for young neutered cats is recommended since the operations and to the animals for 7 years. The recommended age specified on the packaging of food.

When choosing a brand of dry food for neutered cats makes sense to focus on that, like whether the animal food of this manufacturer, and how well he feels. When properly selected diet is the cat active, hair shiny, not disheveled, and problems with digestion are not observed.

If you combine the diet cat dry and canned food – it is desirable that they were from one line. Only in this case the power will be balanced.

Выбор корма для кастрированных котов

Natural nutrition for cats testirovanii: features diet

If the cat eats natural "home" food, then its menu must include:

  • lean meat (beef, rabbit, Turkey, chicken) – raw or lightly cooked,
  • raw or boiled offal (lung, heart, liver, chicken gizzards or hearts),
  • raw or boiled vegetables– 10-15% of the total diet, in combination with the meat (zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, beets, cauliflower, broccoli),
  • dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, acidophilus milk, ryazhenka, varenets, curdled milk),
  • a small amount of cereal (oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice, bran – not more than a spoon of cereals per day)
  • raw quail egg or half-boiled chicken – 2-3 times a week.

In the meat-vegetable mixture, you can add a little vegetable oil is good for digestion.

But fish neutered cats contraindicated – due to the high content of phosphorus. It is strictly prohibited to indulge pet smoked, salted and canned food from the master's table.

To adjust the diet – not an easy task, owners need to monitor the reaction of the animal to certain foods (with high flatulence, diarrhea or constipation to make adjustments). At the same time, the power of the cat after castration should be different. If the cat is too picky and refuses everything except meat – it is necessary either to "educate" him, or to transfer to complete commercial feed.