What to feed an old cat with chronic diseases?

To old age, cats may appear some health problems. And if a healthy cat will continue to eat as before, the old people with diseases should reconsider your diet. Because the power depends on many things: how to behave in the disease, and how it will feel animal. Proper feeding in this old age will help to avoid unnecessary weight and complications of chronic diseases.

Cats who suffer renal failure (CRF), drink lots of fluids. If the animal with KHNP's drinking enough, he fluid is introduced intravenously to the body does not dehydrate. Dry food can also lead to dehydration, so it is recommended that cats with KHNP translate into wet food. Wet food should be low in potassium, phosphorus and various nutritional supplements. In the feed must contain substances that remove excess phosphorus (it affects the kidneys.

Old cats often suffer from dental disease. Is stomatitis, gingivitis, tooth decay or Tartar. In such diseases it is recommended to purchase special feed with large thick pieces. The cat will have to chew, and this is a good prevention of Tartar.

Increasingly found among old cats disease hyperthyroidism. It is the excess of thyroid hormones, which are produced from a tumor in the thyroid. Because of this, the cat has increased appetite, reduced weight, anxiety. Veterinarians in hyperthyroidism recommend feeding wet food based on chicken, veal, beef or lamb. Choose pet food in Tetra packs (like Rascal) or plastic bags (like Yams or Eukanuba), but not in metal cans.

Cats-the old people often suffer from chronic constipation. This is due to decreased physical activity. In this case it is necessary to enter into the diet more fiber (vegetables, bran, cellulose) or dry feed with a high moisture content. Feed with such additives can also help cats with diabetes and suffering from colitis.

Cats suffering from inflammation of the bowels and anal glands, can eat foods, which contain easily digestible protein.

Cats with heart problems are recommended food with a high content of taurine. But the sodium content in such feed should be much lower.

Cats who have had cancer, should be on the antioxidant diet.

Natural breast

Cats in old age become picky in choosing food. It happens that the pet begins to eat what was not eaten. This is due to the fact that old age gustatory nerves lose sensitivity. In the diet of older cats should be more high quality fats. They awaken the appetite capricious animals to their strong odor. Diversify the diet of the old man liver, chicken breast, beef heart, offal. Vegetables offer him the beans, zucchini or pumpkin.

Fish should not be given to a cat at any age, and in the old. It contains a lot of phosphorus, which is poorly excreted from the body and harm the kidneys.

If the cat has sore gums, he will refuse solid food. In such cases, offer strong animal broths from veal or beef, Dobrev their meat sauce and oatmeal. Such a diet will quickly calm troubled gums. Later, you can offer the cat a soft boiled meat, cut into small long pieces so the cat could eat them without chewing.

Old cat with diseased teeth should not offer solid foods. Perfect oatmeal with minced meat, milk soup with rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs with a small amount of oil, the grated cucumber.

With constipation always add 1 teaspoon of bran for feeding. Fiber will help to normalize the stool of the cat. In natural nutrition, always use the vegetables, they are also rich in fiber.

Feeding old cats avoid high-protein food. Feed low-calorie food, so the cat is not gaining weight. It is better to give food often but in small portions. In natural food to add vitamins, especially A, b, B6, B12, E, C and glucosamine. They strengthen the internal organs of old animals and keeping them in shape.