Not having a bachelorette party last night. Safely have fun with friends 2-3 days before the wedding. You will remember this spiritual meeting for the whole life. Conducted in advance, it will not be "crumpled" your haste and lack of understanding friends.
Do not plan any activities for the last day before the wedding. It should be your output. This day give only to themselves. Relax, unwind, go for a massage, etc. do Not drink a lot of coffee, replace it with herbal tea. Cut back on alcohol. At the wedding it is also recommended not to misuse them. Remember that you need to be fresh and beautiful until the very end of the celebration.
Take again a look of your wedding dress. If necessary, again fondle dress, check prepared linen, shoes, jewelry, etc. to avoid misunderstandings, collect the bag, which necessarily put a small bottle of hairspray, spare stockings, products, needle, pins, thread, and spare pins and clips. If you wear contact lenses, don't forget an extra pair and drops. Charge closest girlfriend to wear makeup.
If you feel that you start to worry, listen to relaxing music, take a bath and tune in to the most enjoyable day of your life. Along with your future spouse to you – the main characters of the upcoming holiday. So you have to be in a good mood.
Don't forget to bring your veil or wreath when will you do a wedding hairstyle. Be sure to consider the most convenient fasteners these wedding hats that you are worried once again.
Don't forget that your makeup needs to be shining and the air. You should experience difficulties to fix. In this case, it looks very natural, which guarantees excellent pictures and video.
On the wedding act natural and always smile. It is your celebration. Remember that you are in full view, chained to you the views of all guests and your beloved. The most beautiful you will make your smile and love.