First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material of which is sewn shirt. If the item has a high price, don't be afraid to overpay. This shirt will look the part for your celebration. Moreover, it can be put on and continue, for example on holidays or business meetings.

The fabric should not wrinkle and be too dense. It must be pleasant to the body, so that it was comfortable for the whole day.

If we talk about the collar, between it and the neck should be a gap of one centimetre – it should not crush and cause discomfort. Then we can assume that it is the ideal size of the product. The shirt should be not too wide and pretty high collar it is easier to choose a tie.

The fit of the shirt is at the discretion of the groom: slim, free, with bib or without – there is virtually no restrictions. But the length of the hand is necessary to pay special attention. It should not be short or too long. It is believed that the cuffs should peep out, not a couple of inches from under the sleeve of a jacket. Cuff should not compress the wrist.

Also important is the choice of the color of the shirt. You can't take a shirt in one tone with the suit. They can be one color, but different shades. The shirt should be light to clear the way. The white color is perfect for a suit are dark, but bright shade. So the shirt was not boring, you can choose a fabric with a fine not flashy pattern (barely visible cage, stripes, diamonds, etc.). If the groom wants to wear a bright colored shirt, it must be of a suitable color such as bright feature in the image of the bride.

All the details of the wedding wardrobe should complement each other and harmonize in texture, color and pattern. All should be combined in the image of the groom and blend in with the image of the bride to look like two halves of a whole.