You will need
  • The sessions with a psychoanalyst; specialized literature
Stop categorical to treat people. If has happened in the past bitter deception or betrayal, it does not mean that all subsequent life be filled only with such relations. Learn to be a more open person, friendly relating to others. Repeat every day some pleasant sentence, for example, such: "I trust men. They don't want to do anything bad to me. Ahead of me waiting for a happy relationship with a loved one. Men take care of me, thanks to him I'm enjoying life."
Think positive! Psychologists say that women who constantly unlucky in relationships, can program themselves to deception. If you save a grudge against those who once betrayed, a normal man will never appear, because subconsciously, the woman is the victim attracts all new and new men-deceivers. Thus we build an endless vicious circle, to break which is becoming increasingly difficult.
Complete comic exercise. For example, psychologists are advised to start any pet male and lead him confidential conversation. Such a fun anger management will solve several problems at once. First, by articulating the problems, it is easier to get rid of them, and, secondly, this exercise will help a deeper understanding of themselves. Use other various techniques - meditation, self-hypnosis, NLP. Also does not prevent to increase self-esteem, which should continuously work on yourself.
Pay attention to the inner world of men, with whom I communicate. Acquainted with the views on a particular problem, learning about the interests, preferences, you can become much closer and, therefore, to define a trust relationship. Moreover, the interest shown by the woman is always pleasant to the man, which in turn causes reciprocal sympathy.