The first and most important rule is to restore a harmonious relationship – never to recall her husband of his terrible mistake. If you found the strength to forgive him, then try to erase from the memory of his treason. Otherwise, you will torture himself and his constant reminders about it. Never mention anything about cheating in a fight, like a shame you were not.
Try to build your relationship on trust. Sincerely talk to each other. If someone has a complaint, honestly tell us about it. Tell me that you are not pleased, not satisfied, what would you like to change. The openness of your thoughts with each other will help to understand the tensions, conflicts and secret grievances at each other.
Try to look honestly at ourselves. If all you did right up to the betrayal of your husband. Very often men looking for love and understanding on the side when you don't get this house. It may not be so often to nag her husband for not washed dishes, or clutter on your desktop. It is important to understand that the person is very difficult to alter accusations and comments-this will only cause anger and irritation.
An important key to a happy marriage is a community of interests. It is very difficult for people to find a common language if they do not bind. Talk to husband about a new project at work, talk together about a new book or movie. Tell him about your favorite business. Husband it is important to know that the wife is interested in his Affairs, she is interested in his classes.
Try to spend more time together. Even with strong employment find a few minutes to ask each other about work, about health, about the plans for the weekend. A kind smile, gentle eyes, a gentle touch will lift your spirits and give confidence for the whole day. Let your house will be warm and quiet berth where your husband will have to hurry after work. Let him know that his house, waiting for a kind and loving husband.