Take his girlfriend on a weekend out of town. If it is winter you can go skiing, and eveningohms together to warm up by the fireplace. If warm outside, you can just take a walk. In any case, out of the city for a weekend to remember. You breathe in the fresh air and relax from the urban bustle that will surely lift your mood.
Almost every girl likes to be photographed. Arrange a surprise to her, inviting the photographer. You'd better pre warn the girl that she carefully prepared for the date, or she may simply refuse to be photographed, Recalling not a bad appearance. Arrange some fun and funny photo session.
Prepare dinner together and a girl. Don't have to cook something unusual and exotic. It can be a regular soup or a meat dish that you prefer. The cooking process will allow you to bond even more. Can also arrange screenings of home movies. Buy some discs with your favorite movies girls together and start viewing. Go to the cinema to a movie. If the summer you can rent bikes and ride them around the city. This walk you will remember for a long time.