Take not thick boards or plywood. Can use Croaker as the beauty of the nest is not important for chickens. Cardboard will not work, as the chickenspeck s his.
как сделать гнездо для попугаев своими руками
Cut the material into segments. For chickens egg breeds socket should have a length of 30 cm, width 25 cm and height 30 cm If you have chickensyou masaichi breed, the size of the socket should be slightly larger than, the length of such sockets should be 40 cm, width 30 cm and height 35 cm.
гнездо для несушек
Shoot down the segments of timber in square boxes. Inspect the nestto never protruding nails, they can damage the bird. For socketm, you can make small pristupochke height of 10 cm, so the chickensyou will be easier to get into them.
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Put it in a nest of straw and place them in a shady location where the hens will not be distracted. Don't forget to regularly inspect the nests, the chickenss rush times a day.