You will need
  • yarn;
  • hook;
  • - knitting magazines;
  • - paper patterns;
  • - cm tape.
Any style of cardigan can be found in knitting magazines. You don't have to pick their own colors and patterns, to form patterns and to calculate the amount of yarn. But what if none of the coffee models you don't like? Come up with your own style. It is not difficult, especially if you decide to link openwork cardigan.
Airy lace model can be worn over a summer dress or suit, slapped on a beach, or a Sunday stroll. For a festive cardigan suitable yarn of viscose or silk with the addition of lurex. Charming summer model style urban Safari knit linen or cotton in natural colors. Well, an avant-garde look will complement a simple cardigan from tight twisted yarn mixture of cotton with polyester.
To make a pattern. The easiest option is straight cardigan with sleeves-rectangles, reminiscent of the style of a Japanese yukata robe. Remove the measurements and select the length of the future product. On a sheet of tracing paper, draw a rectangle whose length is equal to the length of the cardigan and width to your hips poluobhvat with an allowance of 4-5 cm Pattern of the shelves draw a similar way. That cardigan is beautiful lying on his chest, take a deep V neckline. The width and length of the sleeves randomly select. So the model turned out to be more airy, discard the pockets, collars and other details.
Calculate the number of loops in one centimeter, by linking the sample. Hook number should correspond to the thickness of the yarn. Type in the desired number of loops and knit pattern of cells formed by columns with nakida. If you want to have the cells turned out larger, you can knit the columns with two yo. Start the row with the column, then enter the three air loop, skip three stitches of the chain and vivacite another column. Having finished a row, start the second, positioning the cells in a checkerboard pattern. To do this, each column of the second row vymazyvaja in the middle of the cell.
Ensure the image is flat, you knit tightly, not making too big of nacidos and not pulling the skin. All parts except the shelves, you knit straight, without obavlenia. To make the bevel for the cut on his chest, provatas half parts of the shelves, gradually decrease the number of stitches. In every second row promazyvaya together the first two loops.
Finished item, wet it and pinned it to the pattern to dry. Stitch the sleeves that connect the shelves with back and vacate sleeve in the armhole. Tie cardigan on the edge of a narrow scalloped braid. The first row of the ribbon consists of columns without nakida, and the second from small bumps-Picot formed by vyvazhivanija chains of two or three loops. Athlete finished the cardigan and try it.