To correctly close loops for armholes in a classic performance, do the following:
Close first facial series of 3 loops. For this provarite together 2 loops facial, a loop move to left needle. Provarite together the next 2 stitches front. A loop will again move to left needle. Do the same one more time. So you have 3 closed loops.
Davaite a number to the end of the pattern, which you do all the knitting. Turn the work, purl side facing you and follow the same procedure, only promazyvaya 2 loops together purl loops.
Provarite a number to the end. Turn knitting again, this time face to his. This will be the second number, which must be closed loops. In this row, close the 2-loop method, which is described above. Dawasa row, turn work to wrong side and close the 2 loops.
Now, on the face side 1, close the loop. On the reverse side of the exit 1 loop. So you shut down for 6 loops for armholes on both sides of the product.
There is another way to close the loop for the armholes. Using this method, you can close the loop in the same row on both sides.
3, close the loop at the beginning of the front row, as described above. Provarite a row, leaving nebazhannya at the end of the 4 loops (one more than you need to close). Move the left loop on the right needle, not promazyvaya. The penultimate loop of thread through the latter, not promazyvaya.
Similarly, pull the other loop through each other, except for one. The last loop provarite facial. You closed 3 loops with one loop and 3 on the other hand. Provarite purl row. At the beginning of the front row, close the 2 loops in the usual way, at the end of row 2 stitches, holding them to one through another. Provatas purl row, do the same to close one more loop on each side of the knitting.