You will need
  • pattern;
  • hook;
  • yarn.
Link the sample 10x10 cm with crochet hook and yarn that will knit the product. Count the number of columns and rows in one inch. Multiply the result by the width of the part. For example, an inch was 3 bar, width of detail 25 cm 3x25=75. Therefore, in the first row you need to purl into 75 columns. In the same way count the number of rows.
Do not count the number of columns along the length of the air chain, or a small sample because in the process of tying a large cloth will be busier. Periodically apply the fabric to the pattern (about every 5-10 rows).
For vyvazhivanija neck please lower the bars, checking the pattern, as it is virtually impossible to calculate the exact number of columns for each size.
The decrease for the armhole vyvazhivanija start connecting columns. Then, bind 1 column without nakida, 1 polytypic and continue to knit columns on the drawing. Start to diminish gradually, taking into account the height of the row. When knitting different patterns the number of columns for ubavo may vary, so start with the low bars and gradually move higher.
Often the products related to crochet, perform tuck. Measure associated parts and count the number of rows within the width of the tucks and the number of columns in length. For example, the width of the tucks. 3 cm — 6 rows and 10 cm length is 30 columns.
Divide the length of the Darts on 3, 30:3=10 columns. To tuck is smooth, not dobesilate on the live row to the end of the 10 columns. Turn the work, bind polytypic and provarite to the end of the row. The following direct number is not dokazyvaya 20 loops, then 10. The second side tuck knit in a mirror image. As often as possible, attach knit fabric to the pattern.
After the item will be associated, apply. Pin to the pattern, lay on a flat surface and allow to dry.