You will need
    • 1 kg of potatoes
    • 100-150 g of butter
    • fresh herbs (dill
    • parsley
    • Basil etc.)
For classic potatoes "in uniform" select 5-6 tubers of the same size. Wash, taking care not to damage the peel, and dry. Bake in the oven, on the grill or in hot ashes before the advent of the mouth-watering smell. Potatoes are ready when needed shake. Serve whole, unpeeled - on a common dish. With butter, salt and finely chopped fresh herbs, and also as a garnish to grilled meat, fish.
There are several options for baking in foil. Unpeeled potatoes wash and dry. Wrap with foil, and bake on the coals or in the oven. Peeled potatoes, place in foil, lubricated with grease or oil, pepper and salt. Wrap tightly and bake until tender. Serve with butter or vegetable oil or sour cream.
Delicious stuffed baked potatoes. Depending on its size and variety, put the filling in raw, cooked to different doneness or baked potato. Large raw potatoes cut into equal halves, cut in both holes and then connect. You can cut the top "lid", and in the main part and make a hole for the filling. Before baking, close the stuffed potato own "lid". In a baked or boiled potato hole can be done with a spoon.The filling can be meat, vegetable, mushroom and mixed. Stuffed potatoes can be baked in the foil, and sauce, in the oven or on the grill. Serve the finished dish hot or cold, with fresh herbs. Melted butter, sour cream or sauce to taste.
For casseroles, boil the potatoes in salted water, hot pass it through a meat grinder or mash well. Add the butter, a little milk, and eggs. Prepare the filling for the quiches - it can be boiled or stewed with onions mushrooms, or boiled vegetables, or meat, or just fried onions. Grease the bottom and sides of the form and alternately stack layers (potatoes, stuffing, potatoes) and bake in the oven.The potato roll is prepared from the same ingredients. Lay on plastic wrap (or damp cloth) 2 main layers - potato mixture and the stuffing, wrap the loaf.You can use the cooled potatoes: heat it in a water bath or dilute a small amount of hot milk or broth. Mash until consistency of mashed potatoes, followed by the same pattern.
Or, on the contrary, bake rolls of ham, bacon, chicken or omelette with potato filling. Boiled potatoes grind, mix with butter, fried onions, (mushrooms, sour cream, chopped herring, boiled vegetables - choose any ingredients to your taste). Add the filling raw egg, spices, chopped fresh herbs and wrap in thin slices of cooked sausage, ham or lightly fried bacon. You can make another inner layer of cheese. Secure rolls with a toothpick or a needle and bake until cooked in the oven.