You will need
    • Potato small size
    • 8-10 pieces;
    • Vegetable oil;
    • Garlic – 3-4 cloves;
    • Fresh
    • finely chopped greens;
    • Coarse salt
    • preferably sea – 1 pack.
The potatoes, rinse in lukewarm water, if necessary, use a brush for dishes to remove the dried clay. Each potato is dry with a kitchen towel or cloth.
Pour in the palm a little vegetable oil and brush over the each potato on all sides. The garlic cloves cut into slices with a thickness of 1 mm.
Cut from the roll of foil leaves, the size needed to wrap the potatoes. In the middle of each put 2-3 slices of garlic and a little coarse salt. Put the potato, sprinkle it with salt and wrap each in foil. Take a toothpick and make each fold a few holes.
Pour the remaining salt on a baking sheet or in a form, put it on a potato, wrapped in foil, and place in a preheated 200-220 degree oven. Leave it to bake for 50-70 minutes, depending on size of potatoes. Try his readiness with a fork.
Turn off the oven, remove the potatoes, unwrap the foil and place it on a dish, sprinkle with herbs.