You will need
  • - direction on laboratory tests.
To determine the coagulation time of blood, contact your local doctor and get a referral for laboratory studies. Before any kind of surgery, if you suspect a violation of coagulability of the blood of all patients sent for this analysis.
In the lab you will perform the analysis on coagulability non-stabilized blood by the method of Lee and white. To take from Vienna to the first tube 1 ml of blood, then the second and third alternately take the same amount of venous blood. All tubes will put in a water bath and every 30 seconds will tilt at an angle of 70 degrees. The complete coagulation time was spotted on the stopwatch. Normal summing the rate of clotting of blood in each vial is 8 to 12 minutes.
When variations of this technique the coagulation time of the blood is determined at room temperature without using the water bath. Tubes with venous blood plug with rubber stoppers and constantly turn up and down. While considered normal indicators when summarized by calculating 12-16 minutes.
Micromethod is used in cases when the patient due to various reasons it is impossible to obtain a sufficient quantity of venous blood, therefore, take 0.2 ml, placed in a vial and check the coagulation at a temperature of 37 degrees without stirring. Considered normal results of clotting within 5 minutes.
Micromethod based on the same three test tubes, which are alternately placed in 1 ml of venous blood. The coagulation time at room temperature is 4 minutes, 55 seconds to 11 minutes, 55 seconds – these indicators are considered to be normal. The test has lower accuracy than the classical method of Lee and white, but nevertheless, used to this day.
Definition of coagulability of the blood according to the method of Burker based on analysis of blood from a finger. The coagulation time of the blood in healthy patients equal to 5-6 minutes.