First of all, about two days before giving birth, cat lost appetite, and her nipples starting to stand out the milk. Simultaneously, the nipples increase in size – now they stick, something Recalling the goat. As well as the women, at least the day before birth in the cat "falls" the belly. Cats uterus pressing on her bladder, and so the animal often goes to the toilet. If all these signs you have noticed your cat, then in any case do not let her out of the house, so she didn't have to give birth to kittens in the street. Plan your Affairs so that during labor you or someone from household members certainly were near the cat.
как принимать роды у кошек
Approximately 5-6 hours before birth, the cat behavior change. She starts to get nervous and rush through the house in search of a secluded place where it would be convenient to be during childbirth. If the owner prepared in advance for this process, a box with clean towels, the animal carefully trample down all the irregularities in it. Also the cat carefully licked its genitals and turned up her tummy, showing how she wants to master scratched her belly.
Как принимать роды у кошки
Before birth begins, your cat will settle down in a lambing box. The owner definitely need to sit down with her to talk to animals and calm him down. Soon the cats will start having contractions that become stronger and more frequent. The owner can even see how the animal strains to push it out of the kitten. Keep in mind that if half an hour after the start of strong regular contractions the first kitten was never born, you should call the vet.
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