You will need
    • King prawns
    • Bay leaf
    • the juice of lemon and lime
    • parsley
    • salt
The most simple and common dish made of seafood - boiled shrimp. For cooking in boiling water add Bay leaf, lemon juice, salt to taste and a little parsley. Boil shrimp until done about three minutes. It is important not to overcook, as the meat can become tough and rubbery.
The perfect appetizer - shrimp salad and crab sticks. For cooking will take a little time and simple ingredients: Royal prawns, crab sticks, tomatoes, sweet pepper, onion, salt and spices to taste. Preparing a salad in minutes. All components must be arbitrarily cut, mix and fill with mayonnaise. To give the salad spice, add a little garlic and black pepper.
There are more delicious dishes, Royal shrimp with pineapple and cucumber. Start by marinating the prawns in lime juice, then fry them for several minutes. To prepare an easy side dish slice thin strips of cucumber with a sieve get rid of excess juice, peel the pineapple and cut into cubes. Place on a large plate of shrimp, cucumber and pineapple. The dish will look spectacular if it is to decorate with greenery, and the edge of the plate sprinkle with paprika or top with sauce.
This recipe will allow you to cook juicy and flavorful shrimp. Melt the butter, about one tablespoon. Shrimp salt, pepper, add a little lemon juice. Then put them on a hot frying pan and slightly fry. Then remove from the heat, add 150 grams of any beer, parsley and garlic. Place in the preheated oven and cook until tender. And how to decorate this original dish, depends on your imagination.
Impressive looking on the table skewers of shrimp. Royal shrimp peel, sprinkle with salt, add the juice of a lemon or lime. Then arrange them on wooden skewers for a few pieces. Lay the skewers on a heated pan and fry in butter for three minutes.