Prawns are sold fresh or frozen. Please note that frozen shrimp can be already boiled, ready for food and raw. It is possible to do with them as well as their less majestic relatives — the usual shrimp — boil in salted water with spices. But, in our view, such a luxury product requires more festive meals.
To cook the prawns, first marinate them in a special sauce. To do this, mix in a bowl the olive oil, soy sauce, chopped garlic, herbs (to give sharp taste is ideal thyme, Basil, coriander, you can take the mixture "Provence herbs"), black pepper and salt. It would be better if the pepper you can grind yourself — larger and more fresh grind will give your marinade a wonderful flavor. Mix all marinade ingredients in a large bowl. The consistency should be fairly thick.
Prepare shrimp. Clean them from the shell, separating and also legs. Some Housewives leave the shrimp tail, for it is then convenient to take hold — that is, of course, if this dish is for eating with family and not on the Grand reception. If you have a celebration, and remove the tails too, the dish will eat with a fork, and the remaining tails look sloppy on the plates.
Marinated king prawns are not very long — otherwise they will lose their natural flavor of the seafood. Soaking them in the marinade, do some further preparations. Prawns can be cooked like on the grill or on the pan. Each method has its advantages and proponents, you can try out both. Heat a pan with a small amount of butter or prepare a baking sheet for grilling. Carefully remove one shrimp from the marinade and put it for frying.
It is important to select temperature and time of frying. Pan should be hot. And fry the shrimp need 7-8 minutes. If dry dish, meat camp, tasteless.

On a large plate put lettuce, place them on sauteed shrimp. Decorate the dish with greens and a slice of lemon.