You will need
  • pan;
  • - beer or water;
  • spices;
  • - a bowl of ice water with ice;
  • - skimmer.
Immerse shrimp in boiling water!One kilogram of peeled shrimp needs two liters of fluid. You can just cook the shrimp in salted water, can add to every litre of water the juice of ½ lemon or lime. Citrus juice will discourage intensive fish smell. Also, if you want to get some sweet shrimp, you can boil them in beer. In boiling water, you can put Bay leaves, dill, black pepper. Get more fragrant shrimp, if in boiling water for a few minutes before putting the shrimp, lower a gauze bag with the shrimp shells.
With slotted spoon, put the cleaned shrimp into boiling water. At the same time try to put more shrimp. If you need more than two or three visits to put all your shrimp, boil is better then them not once, but in batches.
Boiled shrimp strictly on time!Do not leave shrimp unattended. They cook very quickly. As soon as the shrimp become pink and opaque, they're ready. Large king prawns are cooked, usually about three minutes, medium shrimp ready in two minutes and reach a small shrimp until done sometimes in less than a minute.
Cool shrimp immediately after cooking!Before dropping the shrimp into the boiling water, prepare a bowl with cold water and ice. Once shrimp are cooked, remove them with a slotted spoon from the boiling water and submerge in the bowl. Thus, you will be able instantly to stop the process of cooking them and they will not be digested. Leave the shrimp in ice water for 2-3 minutes.
If you are planning to add shrimp in some dishes right after you have prepared them, you can boil them in the shell. The procedure will be the same, but you will need to carefully monitor the time and to rely on him and not on the appearance of the product. Note that raw shrimp is easier to peel than boiled.