Before you install a car battery, you need to check its charge. If the battery is low and need to charge it. In order to charge the car battery, you must have a charger. You need to properly connect the battery and charger. Clip the positive pole needs to be fixed at the positive pole, and clip the negative pole to negative. Then turn on the charger.
In order for the charging function correctly, you must configure the capacity of the charging current to 1/10 of the twenty-hour capacity. For example, if a 100 Ah battery, it needs to be charged at 100 Ah/10. The charging process takes around 14 hours. It all depends on how discharged the battery is. After the charging process is completed, you need to disconnect the charger. Disconnect the clips from the poles. First you need to disconnect the negative pole clamp, and only then the positive pole.
When using the battery, you must observe the safety rules. When charging is allocated a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is explosive. Battery do not tilt more than 45°. May occur leakage of the electrolyte. The electrolyte is a corrosive liquid. If electrolyte gets on your skin, you should immediately seek medical help.
You need to take seriously the connection of the rechargeable battery. The battery connection to the vehicle network should be automatically disabled consumers. The battery has two poles – positive and negative. From the network of the car there are two wires. The black wire indicates the positive pole, and red is negative. The first thing you need to attach the wire to the positive terminal and then negative. Be careful not to confuse the poles, otherwise there will be a circuit, which can easily cause damage to the battery or damage to the vehicle network.
Battery must be securely mounted in the normal socket of the car. Terminals need to tightly clamp onto the poles of the findings. The wires should be in a loose condition.