You will need
  • - браузер Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox или Apple Safari.
If you are using Internet Explorer, open the main settings window of the browser, to do this in the Service section of the application menu placed on the item "Internet options". You need a "Settings" button on the "General" tab. Them to this tab, three - hit the bottom (the one that is placed in the section "Tabs"). Check the topmost checkbox dialog window "setting up tabbed browsing". Then click OK in the two open Windows and restart Internet Explorer the tabs will be back.
Opera to call up the same window with a collection of browser settings you can press Ctrl + F12. On the tab "Advanced" section on the setup tab opens by default. Click on the only put in it the button ("Settings tab"), and in an additional window that will open, uncheck the checkbox "allow window with no tabs". The settings window can now be closed - they hit the OK button.
Mozilla Firefox to enable the display of the tab bar also requires open Windows and browser settings. Do it, revealing in the menu section "Tools" and clicking in the line "Settings". The tab with the correct settings for a long time do not have to choose - it is called "Tabs". Check the checkbox next to "Always show panel tabs" and click OK.
When using the Apple Safari browser panel tab appears automatically when the application window open more than one tab. When one tab in front of this panel there is no need, but to display it is still possible via the main menu - open in this section the "View" and select "Show panel tabs". The same item is in a menu accessed by clicking on a stylized gear in the top right corner of the browser window.